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Adam and Eve

She hadn't meant to scare the child; she didn’t know he was there. The barn was dark. She was hiding from The Master, he had a temper on him. If he found her, he’d beat her or worse.

‘Giiiirl’ his voice thick with beer rang through the air.

The straw moved.


A clink of glass against stone.

‘Eve, rotten to the core, stealing from my table, needs beating out of her.’

The straw moved again.

Eve heard muffled sobbing nearby.

A wetness crept up Eve’s dress, she turned. A pail was over its contents darkening her beige dress.



‘Who's there?’


‘Come out so I can see you’


‘I won’t hurt you. You hiding from him too?’

‘I was hungry.’

‘You stole the food from the table. What’s your name?’

‘Adam’ Eve laughed ‘Adam and Eve, well this is not the Garden of Eden’

Adam crept out of the hay bales.

‘At least now I know why I’m due a beating. Best get it over with.’

‘Stay here with me.’

‘If I don’t go, he’ll come looking, he’ll tan your hide too if he catches you. I’ll bring you food and water when I can. Then we’ll work out what to do with you.’

‘Eve oh Eve. Come and make my supper, there’s a good girl.’

Eve crossed the courtyard.

‘Coming Master’

The Master grabbed her by the arm.

‘Let’s teach you a lesson girl.’ He took off his belt. ‘Ungrateful wench. Everything I do for you; this is how you repay me.'

His drunken belt strikes caught Eve’s bottom and her legs as he dragged her into the house.


After supper, the master snoring in his chair, Eve crept back to the barn. Adam had gone.


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