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This was the perfect night for magic. The mist thick enough to deter intruders, clear enough for the creatures of the forest to take their queue and flock to Kiki Hollow.

Sloane, Quinn, Bree, and Thames at each point of the diamond held their swords in place.

Neve stood in the centre, following their instructions. This was the first time the youngest of the Devine’s was allowed to take part in the ritual. She was 13, the age of maturity in their clan.

Sloane and Bree agreed she could participate when it became clear their magic and that of their eldest children Quinn and Thames was insufficient to travel as far as they needed to go.

The future of Kiki Hollow and all those who lived there rested on this working. If they could travel back to visit Bree’s ancestors they may be able to stop them signing over their rights to the King. With the bulldozers coming next week there was no time to lose.


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