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The flowers faced east…

There was a glow in the forest. The mist changing colour, every colour of the rainbow in turn. Neve watched as the cloaks of her parents and siblings glowed yellow, green, blue, and indigo. Her own cloak was violet. One by one they disappeared.

Then Neve wasn’t in the forest anymore. She was on a hill with her parents and siblings. The flowers faced east. The bright light urging her to go the way they were pointing towards the sea. From her vantage point the seafront seemed temptingly empty.

‘What happened? Where are we?’

Sloane put his hand on his daughter’s shoulder.

‘We have travelled through time. We are here to meet our ancestors. The red and orange of our rainbow.’

Neve started to walk east.

‘This way Neve.’ Bree’s voice carried up the hill she had started walking down into the noisy town.

Quinn and Thames beckoned her.

Neve sighed and followed them, Sloane walked with his arm round her at the back of the group.

‘Whatever happens, stay close and listen to your instincts. To return we need four to stand on the hill, hold the swords and make the diamond.’

‘Whatever happens?’

‘Some things are not of our choosing; they are how they are meant to be.’


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