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I'm a poet and fiction writer living in the UK.  I have poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction published in anthologies and online in addition to my books. Check Lily's Credits for more details


My Father’s Daughter’ has poems referring to my Mam's dementia, the church volunteer roles I held and my experiences as I began to take my writing seriously. 'A Taste of What’s to Come' is a varied selection of poems which give some impression of the range of my work. 'Rainbow's Red Poetry Book' is the first of the Rainbow Series. It celebrates love and tackling the challenges we face as humans. 

I also have written three illustrated rhyming picture books. Santa's Early Christmas has greedy Santa eating all the food. The Palm Tree Swingers Island Band is an unusual combination of animals making music. If I Were Invisible ... is about a boy wondering what fun he could have if no-one could see him.  


I am currently studying online for an Open Degree with the Open University. I love reading, watching American TV, eating chocolate, listening to music, and hanging out on social media (not all at the same time!)

If you ever lose me, you will find me hanging out with my friends in the #writingcommunity on Twitter, give me a shout, a follow or jump in the conversation, new friends are always welcome.

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