I have been published in anthologies in addition to my own books. The ones since 2019 are listed here along with the online sites that have published my work. I have added links. 

In reverse chronological order.

cover Landmarks.png

My Poem 'Life' is published in the Spring 2022 issue of Makarelle "Landmarks".

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My Story Love Andy is published in issue 1/2022 of Makarelle "Love is Love".


My piece Lockdown Wool, Poem Unique and Story Bridge Echoes are published in Makarelle One. 

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My Story Bridge Echoes is published in the Autumn 2021 Issue of Makarelle "Twisted Tales"

My Poem Hate vs Love is published on stoneydegeyter.com


Complexities of Human Existence - Poem

is published in Dear Sister 

Screenshot 2021-07-31 162314.jpg

My Poem Unique is published in the Summer 2021 edition of Makarelle - "Tattoo"

Recipe for Life - poem - guest post on theorganicpoet.com

Tell your story - Guest post on Ruth Loten's blog - reloten.com

The following titles have been published in The Hoot,

the online Student Magazine for the Open University.

Mental Health and Me - blog post adapted from post with the same title


Bewitched - short Halloween story 

What being a Student teaches you about writing - blog post

Goodbye level one - poem

You are not alone - blog post

14 things I love about the OU - blog post

Midway fatigue - blog post

Learning through teaching - blog post

Screenshot 2021-05-04 215156.jpg

My piece Lockdown Wool is published in the

Spring 2021 edition of Makarelle - "Coming Unravelled"


3 of my untitled poems and a Letter from Santa - Fiction

are published in 2021 Still Together 


Breaking the Jigsaw - Non Fiction

Missing my Mam - Poem

The Last Goodbye - Non Fiction

are published in Footsteps and Echoes



Freedom - Poem

Promises - Poem

The Perfect Present - Poem

The Stranger on the Bridge - Short Story

are published in The Gift.