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Lily's Credits

These are the places I have been published in addition to my books. 


My 'Meet the Author' article and my poem 'In Pursuit' are published in  the Summer issue of Makarelle. 

about me.jpg
in pursuit.jpg

My Poem 'Life' is published in the Spring 2022 issue of Makarelle 'Landmarks'.

cover Landmarks.png

My Story 'Love Andy' is published in issue 1/2022 of Makarelle 'Love is Love'.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 224732.jpg
love Andy.jpg

My piece 'Lockdown Wool', Poem 'Unique' and Story 'Bridge Echoes' are published in 'Makarelle One'. 


My Story 'Bridge Echoes' is published in the Autumn 2021 Issue of Makarelle 'Twisted Tales'

Screenshot 2021-10-25 213756.jpg
Bridge Echoes.jpg

My Poem 'Unique' is published in the Summer 2021 edition of Makarelle - 'Tattoo'

Screenshot 2021-07-31 162314.jpg

My piece 'Lockdown Wool' is published in the Spring 2021 edition of Makarelle - 'Coming Unravelled'

Screenshot 2021-05-04 215156.jpg
Lockdown Wool.jpg
The Hoot

Other People's Blogs

The following blog posts have been published on The Hoot, the online Student Magazine for the Open University.

Mental Health and Me - blog post

adapted from post with the same title


Bewitched - short Halloween story 

What being a Student teaches you about writing

Goodbye level one - poem

You are not alone

14 things I love about the OU

Midway fatigue

Learning through teaching

My Poem Hate vs Love is published on

Recipe for Life - poem - guest post on

Tell your story - Guest post on Ruth Loten's blog -


My short story 'Passing it on' is published in 'Dipping your Toes'

'Complexities of Human Existence' - Poem is published in 'Dear Sister'

3 of my untitled poems and 'A Letter from Santa' - Fiction

are published in '2021 Still Together' 


'Breaking the Jigsaw' - Non Fiction


'Missing my Mam' - Poem

'The Last Goodbye' - Non Fiction

are published in 'Footsteps and Echoes'

'Freedom' - Poem

'Promises' - Poem

'The Perfect Present' - Poem

'The Stranger on the Bridge' - Short Story

are published in 'The Gift.'

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