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Girl in the meadow picture prompt

‘Clarissa, come along dear, grandma is here and we’re about to have tea.’

Clarissa didn’t hear. She was sat in the meadow dreaming of the fantasy lands she found in her books. Scribbling furiously.

There were creatures living beyond the trees, further than her legs would take her. Skys full of rainbows. 1000-year-old wizards. Stones that hid treasures. Secret passages that led to the sea. Pirates and goblins and dragons and … She had a notebook full of it in the pocket of her dress.

One day when she was a grown-up, she would publish her stories. Her teacher Mrs Eccles told her she could. She even brought her books into school, ones that she had written herself. Tales of ships going to faraway places, people living on the beach, banquets of food, evil villains stealing gold, magical water that healed you… Clarissa had devoured every word.

‘Clarissa where are you? Grandma bought chocolate cake; she knows it’s your favourite.’

Dazzletoes, Moonbeam and Stargazer would have to wait a little while. She could leave them playing in the waterfall while she ate her chocolate cake.


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