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Wait Nature Dancer

It was ten to the performance was due to start at three. Joel was nowhere to be found. Catherine was pacing.

‘Why do we always have to wait for him? I’d like to see Mr Important wait for someone for once in his life for a change.’

‘He’ll be here.’ Sam the producer tapped Catherine on the arm.

‘Sam if he’s not you’re dancing with me.’

‘I’m no dancer sweetheart not these days. My legs are better suited to producing.’

‘His legs won’t be suited for anything by the time I get hold of him.’

‘Calm down, nature is supposed to be calming. That’s why I thought a nice dance in the forest would be a good promo for our dance version of As You Like It.’

‘I’m not doubting your choices Sam I am doubting my leading man AGAIN.’


Joel’s motorbike pulled up.

‘Ah there you are. Told you he’d be here.’

‘What’s eating the prima donna? I’m not late, it’s five to.’

Sam and Joel walked towards the stage.

‘You know how Catherine is on performance day and she has been waiting some time.’

Joel rolled his eyes.

‘Much ado about nothing as usual if you ask me.’

‘Places everyone!’ Sam’s voice boomed out into the forest.

‘Joel, don’t you dare do that to me again.!’ Catherine hit his chest.

‘You know you love me really sweetheart, one day you and me on the back of my bike, having adventures … I see it in my dreams.’

Joel put his arm round Catherine’s shoulders.

‘Joel Stevens you’re impossible. As if you would get me on the back of a motorbike. ‘

She shook him off.

‘If I bring my beetle you’d be in?’

‘It’s a little more appealing.’

‘Ah so I’m right you do like me.?’

‘I never said that.’

She turned her back smiling.


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