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The things we do for love

‘Okay you got your stuff back can I go now?’ Aaron made for the door.

James got hold of his arm. ‘Can you sell it legit?’

Aaron rolled his eyes and shook James off.

‘I’ll go back to the dealer but you’re coming too or he’ll have me arrested.’


‘A little light on the stock bro?’

Aaron mooched around Steve’s shop. ‘Got that stuff AND the owner so you see I’m legit.’

‘Can’t be too careful in this game there’s bending and there’s breaking know what I’m saying?’

Steve picked each item up and examined it.

‘I get it, don’t stress. You have checked this stuff before.’

James stood arms folded.

‘Um when you’ve both finished can we concentrate please? I do have stuff to do even if you haven’t. James checked his watch.

‘Ok boss, keep it calm. This is James the owner.’

‘Great collection you’ve got. Will fetch a wedge, this is my offer.’

Steve put a handful of notes on the table.

Aaron knocked his arm.

Steve added more notes to the pile.

Aaron knocked him again.

‘OK but last offer.’ He added a few more.

James counted the notes.

Aaron picked a brooch off the shelf.

‘Sweeten the deal? I could be banged up if he’d reported me. Think his wife might like this.’

‘Iris would love it.’

‘Ok but you’re paying me for that.’

Aaron pulled some notes from his pocket and Steve took them.


‘I could have gone down too with your antics.’

‘And you’re squeaky? You don’t ask questions and you’re glad of what you get.’

‘The less I know the better usually. I was tempted but I’m not going that shady.’

‘Guys can I go? Places to be. House to sell.’

‘You’re selling up?’

‘We’ve lived in this city forever. Iris and I are going travelling, that’s why I sold my stuff.’

Aaron put his arm round him.

‘Awww the things we do for love.’


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