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There was a rap at the door. Aaron was stood on the doorstep.

‘Can I come in?’

‘Ok what’s this about?’

‘I’ve been a prick.’

‘I’m not arguing.’

Aaron started carrying boxes from the car and bringing them into the house.

‘What the?’

‘I took them, tried to sell them.’

‘You’re giving them back?’

‘Dealer said that code you put on them made them traceable. So, you can call off the cops.’

‘You got all pally with me to nick my stuff? Now you want me to take back my report. You amaze me. What kind of person are you?’

‘Payback weren’t it’.

‘For what? What did I do to you?’

‘You hurt me?’


‘You crashed into me.’


‘A few month back on the roundabout.’

‘That was an accident, you were speeding, you’d gone before I even got out the car.’

‘I’d had a few, didn’t want the bill knowing.’

‘How bad were you hurt?’

‘My leg was a banged up, lost my place on the footy team.’

‘You’re a footballer?’

‘Top of the Sunday league we were. With me out of action for a stretch they lost the trophy.’

‘So, you found out who I was and nicked my stuff. Why not just tell me?’

‘Now come on Jamie boy where’s the fun in that?’


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