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The moon had an ethereal quality.

The moon had an ethereal quality. This was Violetta and Virginia’s favourite moon. Teenage temptresses who lured victims to their deaths with promises unfilled.

Till one night Bob Marlow and Jacob Speight got the best of them and took away their innocence before strangling the life out of them. The men were hanged, and all were buried in the same row at St Saviours.

When the moon was right their ghosts reunited, and laid together once more, centuries of death had brought forgiveness on both sides.

They bored of each other from time to time and teased those who walked the church yard at night. They had one night each in solid form to lure a victim to lie with them. If they succeeded another night was granted and the victim’s body was found in the morning. If they failed it was a year before they could play again.

The girl’s target was the new curate and they decided to take him together.


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