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The Kingdom of Juanville

More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land. Of course, knowing what they were might have helped that.

King Juan was an exuberant soul who had unexpectedly become King at 11.

His parents had been tombstoning together when they hit the rocks and died. Being made King and Queen as teenagers convinced them they were invincible.

King Juan changed the laws of the land on a daily basis as if he were in a game.

His advisors tried to keep him in check, but he repeatedly fired them. The current ones were all under ten.

It was currently illegal to go to church or school. Random roads were closed to traffic to allow skateboarding. Dogs were not allowed be kept on a lead. (This was the most flouted and resulted in then owners being fined in boxes of crisps, or chocolate or slabs of pop).

There was no tax to pay, healthcare was free and contributions to charity legally required before you were paid twice the going rate.

Juan had made his grandparents joint Prime Minister and they oversaw the home schooling of the population as well as educating Juan himself.

The charity confers overflowed and if anyone needed help all they had to do was ask and it was granted.

It was a happy if confusing kingdom.


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