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The Bungling Blackwood's

Owr Billy’s up for handling

he went and lost the swag.

When he crossed the motorway

someone made off with his bag

Owr Mandy shot her firearm

and it hit owr Nige’s head.

All she got for her trouble

was a measly loaf of bread.

Owr Trevor robbed the post office

But now he’s looking glum

he forgot to turn the camera off

and the cashier knew his mum

Owr Tracy did the posh house

got all that she could take.

She couldn’t find the way out

and fell in the boating lake.

Our Debby did the chemist,

got more pills than she could pop.

Was making quite the packet,

till she sold some to a cop.

Owr Danny held the pub up,

took the takings and some beer.

Then the pair of hungry guard dogs

took bites out of his rear

You can see the judge’s laughing

when they call them out by name.

Because the bungling Blackwood’s

have a sort of claim to fame.

Copyright © 2022 Lily Lawson


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