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Playing the game

He opened the door to find her standing there, crying.

‘What’s happened?’

Faye’s small dark head looked at her father.


‘Again? What did he do this time?’

Mark hugged his daughter.

‘We we’re playing football. He pushed me over to get the ball.’

Mark bit his lip.

‘Never mind, it will be ok, come and have some juice, I got some of that cake you like this morning.’

Faye rolled up her trousers to see what damage had been done to her legs from her latest land on the tarmac courtesy of Ethan.

‘I’ll get the first aid kit. Bit of magic cream will sort that.’

Faye returned her Father’s smile as he applied the cream to her knees.

‘That’s better already.’

‘Thanks Dad.’

There was a knock at the door.

Ethan stood on the doorstep with a bag of sweets.

‘Tell Faye I’m sorry.’

‘Come in Ethan.’

Ethan head down followed Mark to the kitchen.

Faye took the proffered sweets.

‘Thank you.’

‘Can I come knock for you tomorrow?’



The following day they were back playing football.


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