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The sun was poking its head over the hills as Faye wandered across the fields. She was struck once more by the beauty of the place she had moved to.

Faye’s modern apartment on the edge of town gave her access to all local amenities. She loved the cultural opportunities it afforded but what drew her to this place was the countryside and the beach within walking distance.

At this time in the morning it felt like her private space. She tried to keep her mind clear, but thoughts would often intrude on the return journey.

Faye’s phone was on silent in her pocket. She didn’t want any distractions, but it eased the minds of worried friends if she could call for help if necessary. Every day she would send a photo to their what’s app group, she had to admit her technique was improving. They suggested the gallery in town might be interested in her photos, but she hadn’t been brave enough to approach them yet.

It was on her way back she saw it nestled in the trees. Faye rubbed her eyes, her hand on impulse went to her phone to capture the moment. She decided against it, wanting to keep this secret to herself. They would think she photoshopped the image, another rung on the ladder of her budding photography career. She didn’t think anyone would believe she saw a dragon.


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