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Pain Veil Stillness

Nine women in black. The veils covering their faces masking the pain. There was an eerie stillness on the hill as the coffins were carried up. Then the sobbing started.

A blanket of brokenness had fallen over the town since the shooting. Nine bodies were retrieved from the school. Eight children and the human shield that tried to protect them.

A procession followed the coffins. The whole school with the eldest survivor carrying the mascot.

The school band formed a circle round the mourners and played the school song.

Between the head teacher and the chaplain stood the survivors. Steps and stairs of ten-year-olds and two members of staff. Each one bearing the scars of that day.


Chisholm hill overlooked the school. A service was held on the anniversary. The graves formed a square with a commemorative set of benches inside it. Flowers in the shape of the school crest were laid out in the centre.

The physical wounds healed but the internal scars remain.


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