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Lovers not fighters

‘What are you doing? Are you mad?’

‘It’s a butter knife not a deadly weapon.’

‘Will the Italian police see it that way? “Woman on Gondola with knife” doesn’t seem very happy touristy.’

Faye put the knife and the items she had taken from the buffet table in the hotel in her bag.

‘We’re on a budget. This helps.’

‘I’ll take you to Venice you said, I’m an independent woman taking her lover to Italy, it will be romantic, I fail to see the romance in being arrested.’

‘Don’t fuss, the gondolier is unlikely to search me.’

‘Fair point but wait till we find somewhere to eat lunch before you flash that thing around.’

‘Ok will do promise. As long as you kiss me on demand. You are my lover after all.’

‘I think I might manage that.’

Ethan kissed Faye – ‘That’s a freebie to seal the deal.’


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