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Keep on running.

She opened her handbag and tipped the contents onto the floor.

Jamie paced the room. ‘Have you got the car keys? We have to keep moving. If Gray finds us...’

‘I know, I know, give me a minute.’ Marcia shovelled her things back into her bag.

‘It’s your fault we’re in this mess.’

‘I was 16, he wasn’t like this then. I wouldn’t have had kids with a murder knowingly.’

‘Well, here we are.’

‘You could have walked away when you found out who I was, he wouldn’t have wanted to kill you then.’

Jamie ran his hand down her face.

‘Fell in love with you, didn’t I? Couldn’t help myself.’

Marcia kissed his hand.

‘You’re a good man.’

‘A dead one if we don’t hurry. Come on.’


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