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'It’s said that opposites attract'

'It’s said that opposites attract'

Vinny leaned on the door frame his bulk blocking Olivia’s exit.

‘Be reasonable Vinny there are limits.’

Olivia scowled at her brother.

‘So you don’t like my friend at all.’

‘I never said that.’

Vinny smirked.

‘He’s just …’

‘A lawyer?’

‘No, that’s not it …’

‘A football fan.’

‘No I don’t mind that either.’

‘Into different music…’

‘No, I love all sorts of music.’

‘Ok I’m running out of ideas here what is it?’

‘He’s a carnivore and I’m vegan.’

‘Sister dear, if this thing is worth anything you will convert him, its one date, give the guy a break.’

‘OK one date but any sign of rare meat bleeding on the plate and I’m out of there.’

‘I will warn him to keep his cannibal instincts in check.’

‘very funny, now give me his number before I change my mind.’


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