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He slipped into the line.

He slipped into the line.Elizabeth held tight to Harry’s hand.

‘What would it take to stop you?’

‘The end of the war.’

‘Marry me.’


‘You heard. If there’s a chance you might not come home to me at least let me have your name.’

‘I’ll come home.’

‘So you won’t marry me then.’

‘I want you to have the best big day not 5 minutes in a registry like we’d have to if we tie the knot now.’

‘If I can find a minister… or do you not want me to be your wife?’

Harry kissed her.

‘You know I love you is that not enough?’

Voices from the line chipped in.

‘I’ll marry you sweetheart.’

‘I’d have her up the aisle before she changes her mind, girl like that wanting a fella like you…’

‘Come on Harry make an honest woman of her before someone else does.’

Elizabeth put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile.

‘Harry …’

‘If you are sure this is what you want, I’ll go ask your father tonight. If he gives his blessing and we can get things arranged before I go …’

‘I don’t need a fancy frock and loads of folks. I just need you.’

‘Elizabeth, you are one in a million.’

‘I know, that’s why you love me.’

‘and that’s why I’m coming home.’


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