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I have met a lot of writers. For #FebruarySheWrote I wanted to celebrate the importance of being part of a supportive writing community by asking some writers to write a story with me. I am delighted to share this collaborative story.

Writers in order - Lily Lawson, KW Kenny, Cheryl Burman, Dreena Collins and RS Jonesee.

A cool breeze drifted over the ocean as she wandered along the beach. Driven solely by instinct, she hoped to see him after several days with no communication. The emotional tidal waves that had washed over her daily since he'd messaged threatened to drown her if he didn't appear today.

She saw the storm clouds on the horizon, brooding and ominous, a perfect match to the storm of her thoughts. The waves lapped the shore serenely, unaware or uncaring of the distant tempest. Maybe it wouldn't come this way. Maybe she should be more like the waves and try to stay calm. He would come. He promised.

Families picnicking on the beach glanced out to sea and shook their heads. Fathers gathered children, wrapped them in towels, carried them to cars parked on the foreshore. Mothers stuffed cake and sandwich remains into baskets, folded rugs, holding them tight against their bodies in defence of the blustering wind. He wouldn't come, not in a storm.

And would she even recognise him if he did? She had his picture of course. But photographs can lie. Men can lie. It could be 5 years old. 15 years old. Or someone else’s image entirely, slipped tight between notes and bank cards in her wallet. Ha! That would be just her luck.

Off in the distance, a lone figure walked along the shoreline, barefoot, weaving in and out with the waves, seemingly in deep thought. But as he drew near, she felt his gaze as he studied her face, as if looking for the woman in the online photo. From his dark eyes and sturdy chin, she knew it was the man of her dreams, or least the man of her swipe right acceptance. She smiled but he walked past.


You can find KW Kenny on Twitter and her website.

You can find Cheryl Burman on Twitter and her website.

You can find Dreena Collins on Twitter and her website.

You can find RS Jonesee on Twitter and her website.

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