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Cats Table Polite

Ajax, Lulu, and Grizabella were sat at the table. Socks, being a bit of a charmer, had managed to scrounge some food and was whipping up one of his concoctions in the kitchen.

‘Pour the wine Ajax there’s a dear.’

Grizabella nibbled at the cheese Socks had told them to leave till later.

‘I’m so glad we decided to do the partial humanisation.’ Lulu ran her paw over her head. ‘I’ve seen the humans that work they look so unhappy.’

‘People thought Theodora wouldn’t away with it. I heard her talking to that polite solicitor chap she was keen on. He said we were “just a bunch of cats.” Theodora wasn’t so keen on him after that I can tell you.’

Ajax poured the wine.

‘Good job we have Sophie on side.’

The cats cheered.

‘It was Sophie’s magic we have to be most grateful for. Her spell to help us eat human food and take care of the house without losing our catness has been most useful. I must check on Theodora she must be hungry.’

Lulu went upstairs.

‘Most grandchildren would have been a bit sceptical that we could care for Theodora.’ Grizabella ate more cheese.

‘Will you stop eating the cheese.’ Socks voice came from the kitchen. ‘You’d better eat your dinner.’

‘Sophie is not most grandchildren and her seeing eye helps her know when we need her.’ Ajax sipped his wine.

‘Yes, and she does all the things we can’t like bathing her grandmother.’

Lulu came back downstairs.

Socks served the dinner and took a plate to Theodora.

‘Theodora asked if one of us would go full human. We might lose the house if we don’t. Sophie can’t live here full time with her business, she works all over the world.’

Socks regarded his companions.

‘She always gets back when we need her.’ Grizabella said between mouthfuls.

‘Yes, but that’s the instanteleport service. They don’t know she’s here then. If they did, she would be captured and have to work for the Triangle. You know what happens to folks who work for the Triangle….’

Ajax shuddered.

‘Who’s it going to be?’ Socks cleared his throat ‘Who’s going full human? Sophie would have to do it on Wednesday, or it won’t work for another moon cycle.’

Three faces turned to Socks.

The three muttered between themselves.

‘I’m too old to be much use in human form.’ Grizabella pushed her empty plate away.

‘I think I may be a little young to be taken seriously.’

Ajax stacked the dishes.

‘I’d lose Felix, and there’s no way I’m doing that. He’s extra keen since I part humanised.’

Lulu smoothed her fur.

‘You all expect me to do it don’t you?’

They all nodded

Socks sighed.

‘For Theodora I will talk to Sophie about it. But I need a better name than Socks if I’m doing it, so she better have one.’


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