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Case Closed

‘Are you afraid of intimacy? Is that why you need to do this stuff’

Tom Carpenter sat on his stool eating his cheese sandwich ignoring Gillian’s questions. She was determined to make him talk, scream, shout, anything.

‘Why did you kill Julie Miller?’

‘I didn’t’

‘Well, someone did and if it wasn’t you, I think you know who it was.’

Gillan was struggling to stay in her seat, she wanted to slap him.

‘A woman’s dead because she didn’t agree to being the sex toy for a game of pass the parcel. How does it work? Who goes first? ‘

‘She chucked me. Nobody chucks Tom Carpenter she needed to be taught a lesson. Guess someone had a stash. When she hit the deck, I scarpered. That Joy slag got me banged up, she was no fun either, bitch. She’ll get hers.’

‘I got my farewell in, they let me go first her being mine, then I left them to it, she was up for it, nothing bad.’

‘Nothing bad? She’s dead.’

‘Well, she should have played nicely.’

‘Who was it?’

‘Told you, I wasn’t there; I’d turned her over.’

‘Then I’m charging you.’

‘No evidence. She was my girl; my DNA proves nowt.’

‘Well, it’s too messed up to get anyone else’s. Names or I’m charging you with murder’.

Tom leant against the wall.

‘Jeez, chill will ya, think you need me to show you how to have fun, I’d be up for it, you’re a bit of alright for a copper.’

‘No thanks.’

‘Please yourself, I keep my girls happy, never had no complaints.’

‘Tom Carpenter I am charging you with…’

‘Arrghhh Stevie Jones.’


‘It was Stevie Jones, I saw him.’

‘Thought you’d scarpered.’

‘Hid and watched didn’t I? Get my kicks out of watching sometimes, don’t judge.’

‘You’re sure?’

‘It’s on my phone if you don’t believe me. I’m no grass but I ain’t doing someone’s bird for murder, no way.’

‘You recorded it?’

‘Sometimes I need a bit of stimulation.’

‘Ok I’ll check it out.’

‘I’ll be out in a few months if you fancy a bit of Carpenter magic.’

‘Do you ever give up?’

‘Nah never had a copper.’

‘Well, you’re not having this one.’

‘Its ok. There’s a screw I’ve got my eye on, I’d rather have had you but she’ll do I suppose.’


Stevie Jones confessed. He’s in Flintmore with Tom Carpenter.


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