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Beast Radio Moaned

Claire fiddled with the radio dial trying to get a signal. One of the benefits of living in Nowheresville was a dodgy internet, so Claire had gone old school today for the local morning show.

‘…. there’s been definite sightings … Nowheresville …bodies … hospital … killed …Beast …unsure …story … warning …. local author … book signing …That’s Indie at 2 pm today.’

The radio reverted to music with upbeat chat.

Claire turned it off. Her coffee break over she went back to her gardening.


Her neighbour Tom came over for lunch. Claire was distracted by attempting to piece together the news about the Beast and was not paying much attention to Tom as he talked about his ailments.

‘It’s my back you see, makes things very difficult … so I went up in a hot air balloon with a giraffe...’

‘That’s good hope it helped.’

‘I knew you weren’t listening’ Tom moaned between mouthfuls of sandwich.

Claire sipped her tea.

‘Sorry it’s this beast stuff, what do you know? I’m sure I read something years ago before I’d even considered the idea of moving here. Its real so they say.’

‘Nonsense. Someone wanting a bit of attention, too much time on their hands, I blame the internet, take no notice, its one of them legends, good for tourism but not much else, think no more about it.’


Claire went to the book signing and everyone was talking about the agent not being there. She wasn’t the cheeriest person, but she was very efficient.

‘This is so unlike Cecilia.’ Arthur shook his head and signed a few books.

‘Something will have come up; you know what the phone signal’s like around here. I’m sure she’ll be in touch.’ Joy gave him some tea and biscuits and served a few customers.


The police constable worried at his hat.

‘Good of you to come officer, would you like any particular wording, or shall I just do a regular signing?’

‘Arthur, I need a word. I will take a book of course but this is rather important and I’m not sure how to say it’

‘Let’s go through to the back constable.’ Joy guided the men to the small office behind the till.

‘Claire hold the fort there’s a dear.’ She shouted before closing the door.


The constable continued to worry at his hat.

Arthur took it off him and laid it on the table.

‘Whatever it is man, spit it out, I am a little busy at the mo.’

‘I got a call from a dog walker this morning saying they’d found something in the woods.’ He cleared his throat. ‘It’s Cecilia.’ He coughed. ‘I need you to identify the body, it’s not pretty I’m afraid, looks like the Beast got her.’


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