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Bambi Sommers Interview

The Romance works of Bambi Sommers covers

When and how did you start writing?


I’ve written all my life, but not normally stories. Poems, song lyrics, press releases… Lots of press releases, radio ads. I wrote my first book when I was 61 after receiving an email from Simon and Schuster announcing their romance writing contest.

Tell me about your books


I have nine on Amazon at this time. They’re all romantic suspense. I love reading about alpha men and women strong enough to be with them. Writers usually write what they love to read.

How does a story begin for you? Is it an idea, a conversation, a title, or an image?


I like to start out with a conversation. It may not be in the book, but it’s definitely in my head.I find writing a conversation can involve the reader immediately.

Writing fiction is different to writing ads and press releases did you find it a big adjustment?


I wouldn’t say it was such an adjustment, more of an adventure. In fact, once I started writing, I wanted to do it more often than not and, luckily, the words flowed.

Has being an editor changed how you write?


Most definitely! In fact, I was never crazy about the first couple pages of my first book. So I recently decided to just rewrite those couple pages. Just tweak it a bit. Re-reading my work made me realize how much I have learned. Everyone learns from being a writer but I learned from being an editor. So I am currently revamping all of my books.

What do you consider your greatest writing accomplishment?


My greatest writing accomplishment? That’s a tough one. And I think it’s being able to share my work and my knowledge. This summer I started to teach a writer’s workshop at our local library. I have found working with other writers, and passing along any knowledge I might have has been a real boost for me. So much so, I believe I may be learning even more than my students.

What was your biggest challenge?


The biggest challenge I faced wasn’t so much writing, as it was taking that first year and trying to learn everything I could about being an author, publishing, Amazon, advertising, marketing. As all writers know, and would-be writers need to know, you are not just a writer. You are a business owner. you take care of every aspect of that business.

What advice would you give other writers?


I tell my editing clients to keep their feet on the ground. Go into this business with your eyes wide open. After all, it is a business. You may not get sales at first. You may have to rework and rework and rework how you advertise, how you market. There are so many of us who are self publishing. It’s like standing in the middle of a crowded concert and shouting to get the band to hear you over all the music and the noise. That’s what it’s like getting your book seen. But it’s worth it. Don’t go into this business and give up right away if your dreams don’t come true. Give yourself some grace. Take the time. Learn the business.

What would you do if you didn’t write?


I’ve already done what I would do if I didn’t write. I was in radio for 18 years then I managed a multi doctors office for the next 15. Plus I had other jobs along the way. If I didn’t write at the moment, I would do something else creative. In fact, I still take time out to do things I love such as read, and fiber arts.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

If I have one dream as a writer, it would be to write something which may impact the reader in a significant way. Now that would be top of the heap.I haven’t tried that yet. For now, I’m very happy writing when I can, and mostly growing my editing  business.


What are your current projects? What should we be looking out for?


I have been working on a book for about two years, which is way too long for me. So long in fact, I’m not sure I will ever really publish it. I got lost along somewhere along the way when my editing business became busy and I began editing more than writing. I will tell you if I do publish the book, it’s a romcom, and it’s about a woman whose name is Hell.


When Bambi Sommers started writing romance thrillers, she felt like she’d come home. Years in a career which included writing ads for radio and television, along with loads of press releases, coupled with her voracious reading led her in the direction of her own stories. Diving into them with heart and humor, characters continue to take shape for each book and she continually hopes you’ll find entertainment, comfort and family in all.

She resides in Northeastern Ohio with her husband and four very personable (and extremely spoiled) felines where she runs her own editing business.

Feel free to reach out to her at or visit her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or her website at to share my  story.    I semi-retired in  2017, kept a  part-time  job & started  writing. Two years later, I saw  the need for  affordable  editors and offered my services.  By the end of  that  year  I had  enough  work to quit my job. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel!


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