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Kathleen L Small Rainbow Interview

Red - what is one of your favourite books? 

My favorite book is a classic children’s picture book: The Little Engine That Could. Its positive, powerful message is “I think I can.”

Orange - what is your passion?

Horses are my passion. Writing and books are a close second.

Yellow - what makes you happy?

Small things make me happy: a butterfly, flowers, someone smiling, and a kind word. Big things make me happy too: a goal completed, beautiful landscape, family gatherings, and holidays.

Green - what other life would you want or who would you choose to be if you were someone different? 

I’m proud of the life I’ve lived and wouldn’t want to exchange it for any other life.

Blue - what inspires you? 

Inspiration for my stories comes from a variety of sources. I have a folder of images I’ve collected over the years. It includes pictures of buildings, people, animals, landscapes, and miscellaneous items. If I need inspiration for a character or setting, I visit the folder and see what catches my attention.

Indigo - what are your dreams? 

I’ve always wanted to own a horse and be a published author. I’m living my dream, since I own two horses and have two published books, with more to come.

Violet - what are your future plans? 

I have a number of manuscripts that I’ve written in the past. My plan is to edit and publish these stories. I’m currently working on The Haunted Carousel, Book 3 of The Brass Ring Series, for release in early 2024, respectively. After that, is a women’s fiction entitled Poison Pen Friends.


Kathleen "K. L." Small writes fantasy stories, both short stories and novels, for the young and young at heart. She lives in Florida on a ranch called Carousel Acres, with her husband, two horses, four cats, and assorted wildlife.

She is a three-time award winner in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award competition. Her debut novel is A Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale. It is available as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover. Her first two books in The Brass Ring Series, The Magic Carousel, and The Christmas Carousel are also available in ebook and paperback. All are available on Amazon.

To follow her writing journey, sign up for her monthly newsletter at her website: or follow her on Twitter at @KLSmall_Author.


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