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Alexandra Peel Rainbow Interview

Red - what is one of your favourite books?

 Perfume by Patrick Suskind

Orange - what is your passion?


Yellow - what makes you happy?

Garden, sounds of nature, being left to own devices.

Green - what other life would you want or who would you choose to be if you were someone different? 

To be a successful writer, as in craft wise and financially

Blue - what inspires you? 

Husband inspires me. He's utterly self motivated, self disciplined with his creative time and probably one of the most morally sound people I know.

Indigo - what are your dreams? 

"A very big house in the country" To be able to do and buy stuff and go places without concerns about cost. I'd travel to various countries. Have a couple of houses, and one day I'm walking along and I'm stopped by a great author who says, "Aren't you Alexandra Peel who wrote....? That was the most amazing book I ever read."

Violet - what are your future plans? 

Keep on writing. Produce a decent body of well written stories.


Visual artist turned author, with a Degree in Fine Art, Sculpture. Has been a freelance community artist, painter, graphics tutor, and bookseller; currently works as a Learning Support Practitioner in F.E.

She is the author of ‘Beneath the Skin’, an alternate history/Steampunk novel (duology) about an Indian-Irish airship courier who becomes unwittingly involved in political espionage. ‘Sticks & Stones’; a collection of nine short stories on the theme of witches and the craft, ‘The Life and Crimes of Lockhart & Doppler’, a collection of Steampunk stories about a pair of female treasure hunters-come-thieves.

She has several short stories published including , ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’, which appears in the horror anthology Game Over by Snowbooks. ‘Spinning Jenny’, in The Singularity magazine and ‘The Tale of the Empty Vessel’ in Deadly Bargain anthology. Also, an anthology of prose and poetry from the Wirral Writers group with her own pieces, ‘The Scream of the Butterfly’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Farewell’.

Born and raised in Liverpool, now lives on the Wirral (after five uninteresting years spent in Staffordshire), with her husband. They have one daughter. A member of Wirral Writers and can be found at the following assorted locations:


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