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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Being apart for uni took its toll on the tight gang. In the beginning when they got together it was like they had only seen each other yesterday. Over time people would have other commitments and eventually the combination of new friendships and distance eventually diluted things between them.

Patty and Elly were as strong as ever, being at the same uni and sharing a flat. They would meet up with Stella for long dog walks at the weekend followed by their famous lunches.

Stella enrolled in her English degree and followed with a PGCE so she could teach at the local college and do supply work in schools.

Patty and Elly finally became lawyers and started their own firm doing some of their work pro bono.

Patty got back in touch with everyone she had stolen from and used her position to help them, drawing up wills, buying and selling houses whatever they needed a lawyer for she did for free so she could make amends for her past misdemeanours.

Stella, Elly, and Patty knew whatever life through at them the three amigo bond was unbreakable.


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