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Three Amigos

By a sparkling and cool lake, my auntie dreamt of more. As Elly and Patty sat in her kitchen and enthused about going to uni an idea formed.

‘Think I might give the local uni a go. Get me out of this rut.’

Auntie Stella took a sip of her wine.

‘Yes, what a great idea. What would you study?’ Patty was googling courses.

Elly rolled her eyes ‘Give her two seconds will you.’

‘It’s ok Elly don’t fret mama ain’t gonna cramp your style.’

‘It’s too late for this year but there’s loads of time for next. Art, Literature, Creative writing, ….’

‘Maybe I’ll mix it up a little do my own thing.’

‘Why change the habit of a lifetime.’ Elly hugged her mother.

‘To Stella’ Patty toasted ‘Let me know if I can help.’


Stella pulled Patty aside ‘It’s ok I told Elly.’

‘I am very grateful, you letting us have the flat rent free, I can earn enough to feed myself and pay for books and stuff but my parents …’

‘I know they can’t chip in, one less mouth to feed might help a bit. You’re a good friend to my daughter and one day I might need a lawyer.’

‘One way or another I will pay you back.’

‘Get your degree, make a difference, that’ll do me.’

‘Stella you’re amazing. You need to get yours too.’


‘Come on you two, I was hoping to get some dinner sometime tonight so a couple of sous chefs would come in handy.’

Stella and Patty saluted Elly and joined her in the kitchen.


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