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Three little words

Ethan met a man who told him that he had already met the love of his life. Being nine at the time, Ethan thought it unlikely. The conversation took route in his mind, and he would think about it after each failed relationship. He knew the man meant Faye.

‘Son, when I was your age, I met my future wife. Isabelle was the one for me. Fate, written in the stars, all that stuff if you believe in it. Not sure I do but she does. Anyway you’ve already met yours, she told me, asked me to tell you, thought it might be better coming from me, man to man like, she didn’t say who it was but I think you might know if you think about it, not that loves about thinking really, the old ticker makes it mind up and you’re sunk, yours will keep you right. Worked for us, been together longer than I care to remember. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Whoever she is don’t stuff it up.’

He hadn't seen the old man since.


Today he was meant to be meeting Faye. He was walking towards Conway Hill when he bumped into him.

‘I don’t know if you remember me.’

‘I do. You tell that girl you love her yet?’

‘Um, well, we are going out.’

‘That’s not what I asked lad.’

‘I’ve tried to show her.’

‘Let’s hope you’ve moved on from pushing her over, I don’t think that was working.’

Ethan laughed.

‘No, me neither. I buy her cards and presents.’

‘Yes, that is better, never seen you two together though.’

‘We’re keeping it secret.’

‘Is that her idea or yours?’

‘Both, I think.’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘It was. Keeping her to myself before everyone stirs it.’


‘I have to tell her, don’t I?’

‘People need those three words spelling out to them once in a while.’

‘Where you meeting her?’

‘Conway Hill. I’m late actually.’

‘Well you get gone and tell that lass you love her, you hear? Cos if you don’t she might find someone who will.’

‘I can’t lose her.’

‘Then she needs to hear that too.’

‘I know you’re right.’

‘Then what you doing still gabbing to me lad, don’t keep the lass waiting.’



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