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First all the books in these awards were read by me in 2021 but could have been published at any time up to and including 2021 (with the exception of the covers as that includes all the covers I have seen during the year whether or not I have read the book). I have seen a lot of covers!

Cover of the year - Keepers - Cheryl Burman - cover artist Rue Sparks.

This book also has a great story - women's fiction at it's best.

Cover artist of the year - Ann Garcia (Fantastical for real and Love me like October)

Ann is responsible for all aspects of her books covers (and her books), she took the photos, and designed every aspect herself.

Novel of the year - The Landlord of Hummingbird House - Jane Harvey.

Chick lit but not as we know it.

Novella of the year - Daylight Chasers - Rue Sparks.

An unforgettable experience.

Short story collection of the year - The Stars will Guide us back - Rue Sparks

13 stories - Rue Sparks has some imagination!

Short story of the year - If you scream long enough into the darkness - Cheryl Burman

Put simply award winning from an award winner.

Short story writer of the year - Dreena Collins

It's hard to pick just one book from someone who is exceptionally good at the craft of flash and short story telling.

Poetry book poet of the year - Karen Honnor

The poet who got me back reading poetry books.

Poetry Collection of the year - Diary of a Dizzy Peri - Karen Honnor

If you are a woman of a certain age or live with one READ THIS.

Social Media Poet of the year - Ann Garcia - Instagram @solaceinraindrops

Ann doesn't shy away from the difficult stuff, she makes poetry out of it.

Poem of the year - How to Fix the World in 15 words - Ann Garcia

It seems it can be done.

MG/YA Book of the year - I have to cheat here - it's a series - Guardians - Cheryl Burman

Written for 9 years and upwards, Cheryl's series has found a readership which transcends the genre - adults (including this one love this series). I have never read a series where the moment after I finish one book I start the next till now.

Nonfiction book of the year - The Primal Wound: Understanding The Adopted Child - Nancy Verrier

This book surpassed its remit. I found myself, as an adoptee, looking at others and understanding them better. Not all of these others being themselves adopted.

Overall Book of the year - Daylight Chasers - Rue Sparks

This will join the ranks of my favourite books that stay in my head.

It speaks to me and that's all you can ask for.

Newsletter of the year - Cheryl Burman

The trick here is not getting me to sign up (that's the easy bit) it's getting me to read the whole thing and keep coming back for more. What do you want in a newsletter? Interviews tick, author news tick, research articles tick, fiction tick, writers advice tick.

Blogger of the year (writing advice) - K M Allan/Cheryl Burman

Two different approaches but both valuable and bookmarkable. I simply couldn't choose.

Blogger of the year (resources) - Elise Carlson

Think of Elise as your own writing librarian or researcher - you want to know about hashtags, querying, publishing, editing etc etc etc it's there.

Blogger of the year (entertainment) - Jane Langan - How I like my coffee

I never know what to expect when I read Jane's blog, it could be serious, funny, nostalgic, poetic, or photographic or some combo thereof but it's certainly not boring.

Writer of the year - Cheryl Burman

If it has her name on it - read it.


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Cheryl Burman
Cheryl Burman
Dec 17, 2021

Thrilled to be on your list of 'Lily's' Lily - a great roundup of talented authors and artists, and very happy to share a platform here. Thank you! And happy Christmas

Dec 17, 2021
Replying to

Happy Christmas Cheryl

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