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Phoning it in

'The innocence of youth had taken early departure. His eyes surveying for opportunity. Accusations met with beseeching eyes. The guilt transferred to whoever his gaze fell upon.'

This is my response to an image someone shared in a writing group. I wrote it in about 5 minutes. It made me think.

Why is my writing sometimes what might be considered good? And why does it sometimes seem like I am chucking words at a page to reach the word count and producing less than quality worK?

There was no pressure to write anything at all. If I don't think through my idea and just write that can sometimes work out better than deliberating over it. Yes I can make a story or poem shine a bit brighter if I spend time polishing it. I am not precious at all about my work as long as it's my work we are talking about needing improvement and not me (although of course I need improvement too).

I think sometimes my wish to impress elevates my writing. If I am chucking it into the void where it will lie forgotten does it matter if it's a bit raggedy ? Admittedly the clock can also play a role. If it needs to be written when if it was up to me I wouldn't be writing that can maybe reflect in the content. Writing when I am called to write can produce a better quality of work. Unfortunately life does not always work that way.

The more I write the more I am called to and the more I am called to the less likely I will be phoning it in.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay


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