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The Fast Lane

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

‘Why you driving so fast?’

‘We’re being followed.’


‘No, Layla.’

‘Layla? That woman I worked with?’

‘There’s something I should have told you. I think she’s working for Gray.’

‘Why would Gray need a waitress?’

‘To follow me and report back.’

Layla’s car screeched past them trying to knock them off the road.

‘Put your foot down!’

‘I’m doing 120.’

The car sped past and blocked the road. With the force of the brakes the spider holding their possessions on the roof came undone casting their belongings across the road.

Jamie and Marcia got out.

‘I’ll handle this.’ Jamie stood feet planted arms folded in front of the car.

‘Thanks.’ Marcia scrambled to get their things and secure them to the car.

Layla slammed the car door and strode up to him.

‘He said you were dead.’ Layla’s finger poked Jamie in the chest.

‘Do you only get paid if I am?’

‘I’ve been paid.’

‘Then why do you care?’

‘No-one gets one over on me.’ she threw her hands in the air.

‘Looks like someone did.’

‘Does Gray know you’re alive?’

‘A man like Gray doesn’t usually do his own dirty work. I paid a minion to give me a head start.’

‘He can’t hold Gray off forever. One call and you’re dead.’ She pointed at him.

‘Or you could kill me yourself.’

‘I don’t want to really.’

‘So why follow us?’

‘I didn’t know Marcia had company.’

‘Ok why follow her?’

‘Gray said she was worth a fortune; they were still married. With her dead before the divorce was finalised, he got all her money.’

‘What about the kids?’

‘Step kids. Not Gray’s either.’

‘So what? You worm your way into his bed? Get him to marry you and take half of everything.’ Jamie opened his arms.

‘Oh darling keep up, I’m already in his bed, this is his ring on my finger. Now I just need a nice little accident, two dead bodies and we’re done.’

‘You’d kill me too?’

‘No offense but no survivors looks better.’

‘Thanks. Why did Gray not kill Marcia himself.’

‘He’s infatuated, poor thing.’

‘And the others?’

‘Paid them off. Told them to disappear. Thought he could get her back. The “murderer” label scared them.’

‘He didn’t try that with me.’

‘No sweets, you’re the real deal, she told him that. That’s why they’re getting divorced.’

‘So, what do we do now?’

‘That’s a very good question.’


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