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The Environment

It's poetry day and our rhyme's being spent

Talking about the environment

We use things and throw them away

We're destroying the world, that's not okay.

If we could recycle, reuse, reduce

We could stop this planet running out of juice

It will get too hot and way too cold

It could stop our children getting old.

Our thinking is we need more stuff

sometimes we have more than enough

If you don't know where to begin

start putting your rubbish in the right bin.

Maybe you could cut down your waste

instead of getting rid as a matter of haste

With our lifestyle choices we're killing the air

but we carry on like we just don't care.

Our planet's dying, it's hitting the skids.

We have to save it for our kids.

That's why this poetry day's being spent

rhyming about the environment.

Copyright © 2022 Lily Lawson


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