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Reasons to review?

Authors are always banging on about reviews. They shout on social media, in their newsletters, on their website, requests at the end of their books, in interviews ... they won't shut up about it. If you are not an author you may wonder why.

Imagine you were looking for somewhere to have a meal and there are three similar places to choose from. Your choices are -

The Sumptuous Star - EVERYBODY's been and raves about it, you have to book weeks in advance and even then it might be 6pm on a Tuesday at the table next to kitchen with no leg room and a limited menu as the HUGE menu is only available at the weekend. You need a mortgage to pay for three courses.

Hope Hotel - mixed reviews but you can get a table next week after happy hours' over if you book now. You can choose from the whole menu. Your fussy friend and their picky partner are regulars. The menu is priced to give options for every budget.

The International Indie - You came across it when the traffic got diverted that time. No-one's heard of it but a leaflet came through the door that they are doing a free dessert with every main this weekend and they have availability when you called. Their menu offers a range of very good food and they will adapt for dietary requirements.

Which one would you choose and why?


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