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My Delilah

He had an hour to get home. If he didn't make it, he’d never see her again. Not that he wanted to and after he had finished with her, she would likely feel the same way.

It was all pretty standard boy meets girl stuff to begin with. They got engaged in

their favourite restaurant and moved in together.

But after that weekend he wondered if he knew her at all. Good job he found out before they got married. She was wearing some other sap’s ring now. At least Delilah couldn’t take him for half of everything, well half of what was left after she’d helped herself.

On the Friday she’d taken his car to the garage for its MOT allegedly. When he called the garage, they made ‘we are backed up’ noises and promised it would be ready the following day. Jon thought nothing of it.

All Saturday morning while Delilah was having her spa day Jon kept trying the garage. The phone kept going to voicemail, he left a message. By lunchtime he decided to go down there. It was all locked up.

When he got home Delilah was there showing people round his house with an Estate Agent in tow. He kicked everyone out.

The next day he decided to take Delilah’s name off the joint bank accounts. That’s when he saw it. Their credit cards were maxed out and there was about 1k left in the bank. He rang the police, but they couldn’t do anything.

On the Monday, he finally got hold of the garage. They had sold his car. Again, nothing could be done.


For the past six months, while Delilah got her hooks into her latest money ticket, Jon had been asking everyone he knew about Delilah’s past. He’d been tipped off she was in the airport waiting to go to Dubai, but she wanted her family heirlooms she had left at his place. He had played nice and agreed to meet her there.

He had managed to gather all her past lovers together and in less than an hour they were all going to confront her. He had found someone to record it and post it live on the internet.

He knew it wouldn’t get her prosecuted, but it might save anyone else from being lured in by her charms.


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