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The Game's Up

Head high, she swept out of the room. A second later, head even higher, she swept back in, snatched up the money and was gone again.

‘Damn that Danielle is a good poker player.’

Max sat among the poker chips his head in his hands.

‘Shut up George. For once in your life, bloody well shut up!’

‘So, she’s gone for good then?’


‘What do we do now? ‘

Max paced the room.

‘If you left me in peace, I might be able to figure that out! Without her investment we’re sunk.’

‘Can’t you find us another investor?’

‘Oh yeah, easy, there’s a queue.’

‘We could sell up…’

‘And do what exactly?’

‘Well, I don’t think card school would work’

‘No, George neither do I.’


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