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Look after you

There's probably nothing new here. I basically put together a list of things I have learned from talking to people, reading, listening to podcasts or similar or found out from experience. The idea for this post came from the Monday Morning Smile group I am part of and they have contributed to it.

Exercise - whatever way works for you.

Fresh air - going outside if possible or opening windows as much as you can cope with - I know it's cold and sometimes horrible but it doesn't have to be for long - I do brief wanders in the garden several times a day if I can.

Sleep - try and get enough rest, a wind down routine is supposed to help.

Meditate - it can be silent or using a voice or a piece of music, still or moving.

Music - dance and sing along, it doesn't have to be any good or play music if you have the talent.

Connect - with others however you can/want to - the right people can lift you.

Limit/eliminate people that bring you down - sometimes we can't. If it's not possible try and be mindful of when you connect that you are in a good place to do so.

Take care of yourself, get a shower regularly, wash your face, clean your teeth, brush your hair, wear clean comfortable clothes, eat and drink regularly even if you don't feel like it, make something from scratch if possible.

Create something even if it's silly dance moves or silly words to a song, write, draw, paint etc whatever works for you.

Help someone - it can be as simple as sharing a link, having a chat, or making a cup of tea, making others feel important and valued helps you too.

Tidy or clean something - just 5 mins of doing something to make your environment better, wash the dishes, hoover, put the rubbish in the bin, put things away that are lying around, organise a drawer or a shelf.

Make that call. send that text or email, write that card, then it's off your list and off your mind.

Make a list of everything you have to do - is there a small step you can complete from your list or even part of one?

Simplify - can you buy all the cards you need for the year and keep them somewhere so you have them when you need them? Can you make more portions of a meal and freeze the leftovers/put them in the fridge? Can you get your shopping delivered? Can you take the dog to the postbox? Can you walk with a friend or to pick the kids up? Can you go via the shops and get your milk?

Treats - be kind to yourself - watch that programme, rest when you drink your tea, make your environment beautiful, have something nice to look at, smell, touch.

Read if you can - it's a form of escape.

Play a game - alone or with someone online or face to face. Quiz shows can also be good.

Look at photos and drift down memory lane if its not painful.

Plan something - anything - a meal, a walk, a trip out and write down what you have to do, what you need and put it in your schedule/diary/calendar.

Collaborate - work on something with others, anything - ask your household to plan - the menu for next week, tv viewing, or places to visit. Get involved in something bigger for a group or the community, a sponsored event, a celebration, some kind of product, have a bake off or tea off or a wine off - something that means you have to connect a number of times or for longer than 5 minutes and exchange views.

Join something a group or club online or face to face.

Learn something - watch a video/read a book/listen to a podcast that is about something you want to learn more about - ask people for ideas if it helps.

Do something new, eat with your other hand, or use the other hand to pick up your drink, turn left instead of right, cook your food another way, add something or take something away, read a different mag or newspaper, listen to or watch something new.

I find variety helps. You may be unable to do one thing or not want to but something else may work instead. Have some kind of plan of what works for you - it may be a case of trying things to find out - it was for me. Sometimes talking helps but sometimes being alone works. For me it depends how my anxiety was triggered if it was. What I use to keep myself stable doesn't always work when I am having an episode. I am learning and improving. Some things can't be avoided but finding ways of reducing their impact can be helpful.

Remember you are important and you can't look after anyone if you don't look after you.


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Cheryl Burman
Cheryl Burman
21 janv. 2022

All good suggestions Lily!

21 janv. 2022
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thanks Cheryl

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