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Happy New Year?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

It might be my obsession with education, I am the eternal student but September has always felt like a new year for me. I think the idea of new stationery etc may appeal more than a little bit to the writer in me too.

Autumn/Fall the changes, the colours the idea of going into the dark slowly cocooning and growing and learning. Shutting the world out, being cosy and warm and indulging in things to bring comfort. It feels like time to review. There is still enough time to achieve things before the calendar year ends.

I do have January as my new year too I am greedy. January feels like time to set 12 month goals 365 days of who knows what? September goals are what have we done since January? What remains that we now think is important? What new things do we want to achieve? Maybe we need to declutter so we can make room for whatever comes next.

You can try things which might lead to goal setting in January. January can be too much pressure with everyone striving and checking. September can be easier no media, no 'everyone is doing this' it can be at your own pace and you get a head start on those who wait for the year to change over. If it doesn't work there's another new year in January and you will have the experience to pick different goals.

Happy New Year all. I will say it again in January. Wonder what I will think then?

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