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Significant friends

The moth was being its usual self, flying through the ghost. It seemed to be trying to win points for targeting every area before the ghost gave in and played his flute.

Michael von Strasburg the renowned flautist, had been dead two hundred years and the moth, who he named Maggie after his equally annoying sister, was the first creature to get him to through him so many times.

All the animals tried it once. If it worked, they got bored. If it didn’t, they kept trying.

Michael enjoying blocking them sometimes to see what they would do. The smaller the more persistent in his experience.

Maggie had the gold medal. She had stuck to him since her arrival a few months ago. Whether or not either would admit it they had become friends.

Maggie flew through Michael’s left arm.

‘Stop it!’

‘Make me!’

And back through his right arm.



Then through his chest.

‘Not there!’

‘Why not?’

And back again.

‘You know that’s where the bullet went in.’

‘Oh, come on, that can’t still be hurting. It healed on arrival.’

Maggie targeted both his legs.

‘What chance have I got with Lizzie if I’m not in working order? She’s alright for a violinist you know. Never manage to seduce a violinist while I was alive but I’m very attractive to them now I’m dead. It seems dead flautists that can still play are quite rare. My music has them swept away. What’s a man to do?’

‘It seems you need no instructions from me’

She hovered by his ear.

‘I have to take his opportunities as they arise with fresh talent arriving daily.’

‘What’s Lizzie’s story then?’

Maggie settled herself on the banister of the great staircase and focus on Michael’s face.

‘She had TB. All better now of course. Death restores and preserves. No need for all that dieting and gym bunny stuff the new arrivals talk about.’

‘Gym bunny? Sounds so after your time.’

She flew through his forehead.

‘Oh, I’m pretty up to date with the lingo. I volunteered for tour guide duty. The newbies always want to talk. Gives me a chance to check out the talent.’

‘How’s that working out for you?’

‘Two hundred years gives one plenty of time to refine one’s skills. It seems playing the flute is not all I can still do, I’m happy to say. I don’t go short of company.’

‘Get you, ladies’ man or are they not all ladies?’

‘What have you heard?’

‘That would be telling…’

Maggie danced along the banister. Michael swiped at her trying to catch her.

‘Joseph and I are friends.’

‘More than that from what I hear. I saw you last night. Word in Lizzie’s ear and well…’ Maggie darted behind him.

‘What will it cost me?’ Michael sighed.

‘Block free access for life…’ Maggie flew round to the front.

‘What do you get out of flying through me anyway?’

‘It helps keep me in working order, if you know what I mean... I like company too.’


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