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Competitive spirit

She had to find the necklace, before Leon. The race was on.

The reward for this scavenger hunt was £5000, small fry to some folks but lifesaving to Meena.

There had been 9 rounds, each time the slowest contestants were eliminated. Meena and Leon were the last ones standing, the first one to find the necklace won.

Leon did this stuff for kicks.

Meena needed the money to buy into the salon she worked at. The owner was selling up unless she could find an investor. Meena was a single parent to five-year-old Jack, she needed job security.

Leon and Meena raced through the streets of Kepner, in and out of buildings. The clues had got progressively harder and this one led them to the town but that was all.

Kepner was a small town and after two hours they both collapsed on a bench outside the town hall.

‘I’m beat. I’m going home. I don’t care about the money; you can have it.’ Leon picked up his rucksack.

‘That’s not how this works. If I don’t give them the necklace, I don’t get the cash. I need the money. I have to find the necklace’

‘Good luck’ Leon started to wander off.

‘You could help me.’

‘What’s in it for me?’

‘Free haircuts.’

‘No thanks.’ He ran his hand through his hair.

‘Do it for him.’ Meena showed Leon a photo of Jack.

‘Oh man, you play dirty…. Ok.’ He sat back on the bench. ‘Let’s go through everywhere we’ve been and see what we’ve missed.’


‘I give up. There’s nowhere left.’

‘There must be’

‘Have you been in there? Leon pointed to the town hall.

‘It’s closed on a Sunday.’

They both stood up and walked over to the entrance.

‘Come on’ Leon bounded up the steps.

He tried the door and it opened.

A uniformed man stood at reception.

‘Can I help you?’

‘We’re doing this treasure hunt…’

‘Are you looking for this sir?’ the man held up the necklace.

‘Yes!’ Leon punched the air. He went to put in his pocket.

‘Congratulations Leon. You’ve won. Hand it in at the stadium and you get the money.’

‘It’ll drop out of my pocket. Why don’t you wear it, and we’ll go back together?’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Lift your hair up’ Leon fastened the necklace round Meena’s neck.’ Ready?’


They ran to the stadium.


The organiser greeted them at the door.

‘Well done, Meena. If you let me have your details, I will transfer the money.’

‘It was Leon.’ Meena removed the necklace.

‘Oh sorry, with you wearing the necklace.’ She handed it to the organiser.

‘The necklace is for the winner, it’s part of the prize.’ The organiser gave it to Leon.

‘Then she shall wear it. Lift your hair up.’


‘Just do it, then give the man your bank details.’


‘The money’s yours. I don’t need it remember.’

‘How can I thank you?’

‘I saw a pizza place round here somewhere. Buy me dinner?’

‘You’re on.’

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