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Cameras across the time zones

I love talking to people and (never thought I would say this) but I love Zoom. The idea of connecting with people on Twitter is amazing in itself. Before Twitter I had never met a writer or a poet. That is not completely true. The first writer I met on Facebook I didn't know they were a writer until I joined Write Club and there they were along with my first poet. I met one of the admins on Twitter so all roads lead back there. Twitter also led me on to Instagram and Zoom.

I was lucky to be involved in a Zoom Chat recently with some of my writing friends discussing aspects of Indie authoring. One of us lives in Australia, one in America and the other three of us are in the UK but rather spread out geographically. Without Zoom it would never have happened. It is the nearest thing to meeting face to face - you never know what the future holds - we may manage that one day too.

I love being an Indie author and wouldn't change it for the world but it is not without its challenges. It is a lot to be completely responsible for a book from beginning to end. I am very grateful to have others to learn from and share the experience with. I am not sure if I would be doing this if didn't have that friendship and support.

So here I am with some of my friends sharing the highs and lows which are all part of the process. If you are reading this and wondering if you should do it - go for it. Having your own book in your hand is the best feeling in the world. Mind you, having your friend's book in your hand comes pretty damn close - I cheer every time one arrives at my door or on my Kindle. I am very proud of my friends and all that they have achieved and proud of myself too.

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