These are Short Story Collections I have read, loved and recommend

In alphabetical Order

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My Review

I love a bit of flash fiction. So much can be said in such a small number of words and Dreena Collins makes every word count. The short story writer’s mantra “Get in, share, get out” applies here. The briefest glimpse tells us so much about the characters and their lives, you feel you know more than is being shared in the visit to their lives. Flash fiction requires a skill it is clear Dreena Collins has mastered.


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The Blue Hour, The Day I Nearly Drowned, Bird Wing and a little bit more are contained within this volume. It illustrates the authors gift for short stories and flash fiction all in one place.

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My Review

A collection of past and future award winning short stories from one of my favourite authors (it's a short list). Cheryl Burman is indeed a master storyteller, painting images that transport you into the worlds that exist in her fertile imagination.

This is a varied collection with a mix of serious stories which tug at your emotions and light hearted ones. Some have familiar characters but all are presented in the authors unique fashion. If you are a writer you can learn a lot from Cheryl Burman. If you are a reader, just sit back and relax and let her do what she does best - tell you a story - in this case 10. Consider yourself thoroughly spoilt.


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Dreena Collins doing what she does best - writing stories. I love the variety in this book. Each character is well drawn and relatable. An dip into humanity's pool of ordinary beings with not such ordinary outcomes. One of my favourite writers just keeps dishing up the good stuff. Latest release from an award winning writer, if you haven't read any Dreena Collins don't leave it any longer.


My Review

Dreena Collins is an award-winning short story writer and it is not hard to see why. It takes skill to convey a full story in a limited word count. The brevity is only in words not in quality.

6 stories. 6 looks at life. Short but not necessarily sweet. Take time to read the facts at the end too. 6 is lovely number for a collection but you will return to see what else she has to offer. As they say “leave them wanting more” and she does.


My Review

This is labelled six of the best. Having read the collections they are taken from I would have found it very hard to choose just 6. I think from this book I am going for the 91 and a half reasons why it can’t be true. It speaks to me of holding on to every little meaningful moment of being aware yet unaware of the temporary nature of life. The recall of evidence, the sense of unbelief, it comes across so well in such a short piece. Dreena Collins is one of my favourite short story writers – read this and you will know why.


My Review

Dreena Collins does not shy away from the emotional side of life. Her characters do not always act in the best way possible but each one is presented sympathetically from a place of understanding. The unexpected twists keep you guessing. This collection is a small illustration of the author’s range. I was happy to see that there is more to come.


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This second collection from the talented short story writer looks at life from a different perspective. It illustrates that life is not simple, it’s messy and complicated. Jessica was nice stood out for me perhaps because I have wondered about the subject. Dreena Collins gets inside her characters and coaxes their thoughts and feelings out sharing them with us allowing us to identify with them as if they were stood in front of us. Relatable fiction told by a talented author.


My Review

I invite you on a journey to places you have never been and maybe wouldn't choose to go. Leave behind improbability and rational thought and let yourself play. Just accept things as they are presented and have faith.

Rue Sparks takes us to 13 places I have never been before. I didn't even know what speculative fiction was never mind read any. Magical realism is a recent discovery. This book has Rue Spark's name on it so I went for the "if you haven't read the genre but you have read the author" approach. This doesn't mean I can explain speculative fiction but given that this book deals with things that would be firmly in the I can't explain category I guess that fits. As writers we are taught to ask "what if?" and Rue certainly has done that. This book is amazing and inspiring.

We are firmly in Rue's safe hands. Remember The Stars Will Guide Us Back.