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We arrived at a crossing.

It was difficult to see which way to go. The paths were clear but long and winding. It was hard to determine where they led.

My hunch was left would take me to the sea and right would lead me into town.

Where was he? I wouldn't get the bounty if I didn't bring him in.

The sea might offer ships that would help him make a fast getaway. The town offered options by road and rail. Easier to hide in a busy place. The country was less than an hour's ride. Plenty of barns and outbuildings with options for foraging or picking up cash in hand labour. Farmers weren't always that picky at harvest time and some may ignore the odd rough sleeper if they didn't cause any trouble.

Jeremiah Hayes was worth a cool 500 if I could bring him in alive. What happened after I handed him over and what he had done to get a price on his head was none of my business. I preferred it that way. Bringing him in dead was only worth 50 so I expected to find him alive.


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