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Thinking time

She had missed the last train and there was only one person she wanted to see. The question was would her sister want to see her?

Gabriella was hard to pin down these days. Her and Antonio lived a nomadic life travelling the world.

Giavanna hadn’t seen her sister since she left Mario. The children were unlikely to remember her.

Giavanna had tried with both of them to get them to see they belonged together. Gabriella took up a job as a photographer for a newspaper and Mario kept the business running. He thought she would come back to him. She met Antonio and they’d been together ever since.

In the end the sisters felt some time apart was necessary. Neither expected that to last 30 years.

Andre had called when Mario had been told he had weeks to live. The blow had made Andre realise how little he knew about his family and how he might be on borrowed time to find out.

Mario and Gabriella had run away to get married. The children had never known their grandparents.

Giavanna spent the night in a hotel near the station wondering what tomorrow would bring.


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