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The Modern World

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

This poem was written in 2019 and appears in My Father's Daughter.

Stop all the texts,

remove the mobile phone,

prevent the isolated

spending time alone,

turn off the modem,

cease the internet,

make some memories

you will not forget.

Let Facebook miss you,

let the tweeting stop,

go do your shopping

in an actual shop,

put down the tablet,

put the kindles back,

live dangerously;

read a paperback!

We used to call, to talk,

to just converse,

now it seems

that we find nothing worse.

Talking to voicemail

or to answerphone,

we have our conversations

on our own.

Libraries are not wanted now,

close up every door,

dare we venture to wander

or to just explore?

Losing real connection,

deprived of human touch,

face to face meetings

have become too much.  

Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson

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