The Journey by Elise Carlson

Updated: Feb 26

Vast the field

Freedom yields

Beneath light of day

Bold adventurers set forth

Roaming come what may

Broad the road

Stretching on

Over mountains

And up cliffs long

Down runs

Many a man

A golden goose

Catch it if you can!

Up rises

Hope's new shroud

In every direction

Gathers a crowd

What changes spy

What dangers lie

What's the price?

Many cry

Blind woman

Opens her eyes

Ears once deaf

Hear a word

Unmoving people learn to turn

On roam

The adventurers

Mountains to climb

And seas to skirt

The sky's the limit

The stars a prize

Beauty of the heavens

The poet decries

Cliffs of black

Capped in snow

Mark the limit

Of the Earth below

One way forward

One ship to board

Ticket to the afterlife

Too precious to hoard

Blue and green

Churning seas

Fields of fish

Forests of seaweed

Beauty now lies below

But on it sails

Forever so

Adventurers ship

Does not slow

Far off lands

Tempt and beguile

Man-made beauty

And sprawling wilds

Till we come

To the end of the sea

But the world's not flat

You shall sea

Ever up

Rise the seas

A river to the stars

Along them

Giant fishes flow

Like a stream of cars



Ever so

Watching over

All below

Speaking occasionally

Guiding lo

That all may join them

That all might now

To escape the limits

Of a human mind

To leave prisons of

Ignorance behind

All day and night

They call

Guiding one and all

Speaking of the field

Freedom yields

That beneath light of day

Many may

Follow the adventurers

Seeking and finding

Much of worth

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Elise is often exploring fantasy worlds and speculative ideas via writing or reading. Energetic and enthusiastic, they have novels in progress from drafting to querying. Elise is also a primary school teacher and a traveler. They enjoy photographing everything which captures their imagination and writing poetry about it.

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