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The House of Justice

Moon kept all-night vigil on the House of Justice.

The Planets were taking People to court for their abuse of Earth.

‘What happened while I was sleeping?’ Sun looked into his friend Moon’s sad face.

‘They are still in there; this could be one for the record books.’


Earth yawned as she sat in the gallery of the House of Justice.

Venus put her arm round her. ‘You should get some rest.’

‘Mars is up next; he will want to destroy People. I know he wants justice for this.’

‘You are very beaten up. We left you in their care and they abused our trust.’

‘I’m ok. This is all a bit much. If the ruling goes in my favour, it’s The complete Chaos punishment. People don’t deserve that’ She hung her head.

‘Justice is fair. They want all sides of the story. I don’t think it will come to that.’

‘You will speak up for them?’

‘Of course. But I think Justice will put the army on double time. Rain, Sleet, Hail and Snow are up for it. Wind and her family are in training already. Sun has agreed to join in if that’s what Justice decides.’

‘People won’t like that.’

‘Better than the alternative. Moon will be in charge, make sure they don’t get out of control. Why don’t you take up her offer? Better than sitting here listening to all this. It can’t be good for you.’

There was a knock at the door. Moon waited outside.

‘Earth, come and sit in my fishing boat on the Sea of Tranquillity till all this is over. Sun will let us know what happens before she goes to bed.’

Venus hugged them both.

‘It will be ok. They just need a few sanctions, so they know we mean business, to protect you.’


Sun called in on Moon on her way to bed.

‘Has Justice reached a decision?’

Earth woke in the fishing boat.

‘As we expected, double time for all the army in rotation. Justice is keeping the situation under review. The complete Chaos punishment with full free for all is not out of the question in the future.’

‘What did People say?’

‘There was some remorse and they have started training to improve their performance. There are many weaknesses to overcome. They have goals to complete and further sanctions if they fail. I think their acceptance of the situation tempered Justice’s response for now.’

Earth hugged her.

‘Let’s hope their punishment is enough to stop any future incidents. I don’t like to see them punished.’

‘Earth, what they did to you, we had to do something. I’m hopeful.’

Justice went to bed leaving Moon in charge. Moon promised to wake her if she was concerned for Earth’s welfare again.


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