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The Gifts of Christmas

I have my Christmas presents already.

They can't sit under the tree and I won't be unwrapping them.

They are rather large to carry and it's unlikely some of them will ever be inside my home or anywhere near it.

They come with no guarantee, returns and exchanges are not part of the deal.

Some of them have been around a long time, some are newer arrivals.

They are varied and in some cases connected to one another.

They are irreplaceable and priceless.

They stay where they are or go wherever they wish usually independently and almost always without me.

What I share with each one has no replication each connection is unique.

They dress themselves in various fashions.

My Christmas presents are my tribe, the wonderful human beings who afford me a place in their lives.

They accept me for me.

Whatever I unwrap on Christmas morning, what I have already is worth much more.


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