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The dating game

Without meaning to, she'd arranged two dates for the same evening on the opposite sides of town.

Mike thought she was into classical music and sushi. Sam thought she was into football and burgers. The truth was she was into Mike and Sam. Being unable to choose between them and unwilling to be honest about it had led to this.

Debbie picked up her phone, tried to form words to send to one of them, failed and continued cleaning the flat.

With knots in her stomach, she went through her wardrobe selecting appropriate clothing for both occasions.

Mike was lean and broody with eyes that made her melt. They talked about anything and everything, but his broodiness led to arguments. He’d stomped off so often it was becoming a routine.

Sam was a gym bunny, affectionate and caring, he made her laugh. They were so comfortable it unnerved her, she felt friend zoned.

Did she really want to get all dressed up. In evening gown and heels and eat sushi when she was starving?

Did she really want to stand in the snow for two hours?

She made up her mind. She wasn’t going anywhere.

The mobile phone signal wasn’t working in the building again, so Debbie donned her warmest coat and stood on the apartment building steps. She’d sent her texts and was about to go in when she heard the gate go.

James her upstairs neighbour was arriving home. His smile lit up his face.

‘What you doing out here, its freezing?’

‘Cancelling my plans, I can’t be bothered to go anywhere.’ Debby hugged herself.

‘It’s a night for takeaway and Netflix for sure.’

‘Yup. I’ll call before I go back in.’

James held the door open.

‘I’ve got Chinese, I always buy too much so there’s plenty if you want to join? It’s a huge sofa so plenty of room.’

The smell emanating from the cartons had her stomach begging for attention.

‘That sounds great, lead the way.’

As he made his way upstairs in front of her, Debbie couldn’t help noticing how good his bottom looked in his jeans.


Sitting on the sofa not quite touching, she realised the sauce dripping from her mouth was covering her drool at his toned torso barely concealed by his shirt.

They discovered they had similar taste in films as the evening slipped by with the aid of red wine.

When they said goodnight. James brushed her cheek with his lips, their hands touching.

‘You owe me a takeaway’ her laugh met his voice on the stairs.

Arriving at her flat, there was a bunch of roses at the door and a bucket of donuts, each with a note.

Mike hoped she would feel better soon.

Sam was sorry he’d missed her, hoped she was ok and would ring later to check, reminding her to please call if she needed anything.

She carried everything inside wondering if James liked pizza.


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