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She is falling

She is falling. I can’t stop her. She swims towards the ground. Legs and arms trying to gain some direction. Gasps from below. I see people through the window covering their eyes.

The heat is intensifying. I can’t hold off much longer. I have to know if she survives. If I take my focus off her I might miss her last moment of beauty.

The fire engine sirens herald their arrival.

The crowd have large blankets. They watch her body. Moving as if in a video game. The prize is her life. Two firemen join them. The rest start the slow climb to the windows of the trapped.

I say a quick prayer. Throw my tied sheets out the window. There's a roof a few floors down. I don my gloves. I can’t wait for rescue.

A cheer goes up from the ground. My girlfriend has been caught in the blanket. Relief floods through me.

I climb onto the ledge. Take my first steps back to her waiting arms.


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